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iwglocal24's Journal

Welcome to Local 24!
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Welcome to the Local 24 IWG Live Journal! Here, in addition to being LJ'ers, we can blog about Wench Stuff, too!

You can check here for updates about Local 24, you can also check our Yahoo! Forum:


And, of course, the NE Rennie Forum:


This year, we are focusing on Network La Red as our charity. Please recycle all your bottles and cans and donate the proceeds! We'll also take regular donations as well.

Click on this button:

It will take you to a secure account which is specifically for donations. Thanks so much!

wenches are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Since this is a community, there are a few simple ground rules:

*Be respectful, meaning difference of opinion is okay; outright verbal or written abuse is not.

*No flame wars. EVER. This is no joke. You will get booted.

*Try to keep relatively on topic. No "I'm so bored, entertain me" requests here. That's for your personal LJ.

*No solicitiations unless a) renfaire/wench related ANDapproved by me first. No exceptions. Your post will be removed if this rule is not adhered to.

Thanks so much!

Welcome and Well met!

Her Majesty, the Queen of Darkness
Madame ~ Local 24
Madame Emeritus Cum Laude
Wench #1092
"We're Magically Wenchilicious!"