The Pirate Cassandra (phoenixskywind) wrote in iwglocal24,
The Pirate Cassandra

To ALL who will be on site at CTRF before gate

I am posting this per Lady Reddy's Request.

Susan Mead, who's in charge of the Wedding Tent, will be putting out her 100 cup coffee maker each morning of Faire.  PLEASE bring donations of coffee, creamer (2% milk does NOT count), sugar, splenda ect so that she can continue with that morning ritual.

There also will be hot water available so instant oatmeal packets are an awesome way to start the day. They are small, cheep and easy to pack. They are also a great source of energy for the day and a soul warming food for those chilly mornings.

For those who prefer tea, bring your favorite tea and favorite mug.
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