Lady Reddy (dreddy_reddy) wrote in iwglocal24,
Lady Reddy

Hostel Assistance

Hello All,
the Hostel will again be selling Pirate Pickles to help offset the price of offering Connecticut Renaissance Faire what we do best....Be wenches...and great hostesses and wonderful cooks..the list goes on and on...

We are looking for volunteers to assist in manning Faire Memories, Selling Pickles and keeping the hostel food stirred and mixed, the water cold and the Rogues warm...we can use your help
If you would consider volunteering a couple of hours to the hostel it would be greatly appreciated.  We cannot offer free tickets to a different day at the faire, but we can offer fun, food and laughs.

and do not forget to bring a canned good for the can food drive. Please let all  of us contribute to this worthy cause.
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