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Hostel Report
I put off writing my final Hostel Report till the hostel was actually empty and everything put away.
It is close enough so now it is time. First if I forget to thank anyone please forgive me.

The hostel did some great things this year, but i will post an end of season later.

The last weekend at CTRF was bitter sweet. I knew it was the end of the season and I was not ready for it to end, and I knew it was the end of the season and i said YIPEE i am tired.

I have finally finished cleaning the hostel. Styx met me last evening to take out the last items, strap them to the top of my car and we were done. Leaving Acton, MA at 4:30 going to Hebron then back to storage made for 3 long nights but it is finally done.

I have not been able to sleep past 4am for the last 6 weeks because of all the things that had to be done to help make the hostel all that it was (and go to work everyday) ...but today.....YAHOO 6am...Damn i am lazy

First Thank You's, in no particular order
RHUFF, Styx, Willow, Pansy, Ben, Brandy, Diane, Doug, Kaci, Lady Rissa, John, Jayde, Sara, Sarum, Violet Wench, KeithCSmith, Frost Fairie, Jodi, Lady Jahanne, Louisa, & Gary, Lady Salsa, Susan and Lenora, bluebeard and Lucious, Cassandra, CT Faire Management

The Hostel was also first aide at CTRF and that made for a very busy place. Brandy and Jim treated lots of bee stings (including one on my lip), heat related injuries, a very cut hand and other minor cuts and bruses. Lots of Asprin like products, femine products, bandaids, cold packs (almost a case) were used by those that needed them.

The food that was donated was unbelievable. The cooking talents of Jodi, Diane (oh that irish stew) Jahanne, Jayde, Pansy, and me made for a wonderful variety of different foods. Cassandra and her Angel Brownies..mmmm. The addition of the stove made for a great array of foods that otherwise would not have been available.

We went through an average of 8 bags of ice a weekend for ice water.

All in all, what a great run.

Again thanks to EVERYONE that assisted and if i forgot someone, please forgive me.
Remember I am just the keeper of the Hostel it is all of you that make it what it is.

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