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Connecticut Renaissance Faire first weekend
And ooooooooo what a weekend it was.

If I told you everything that went on this weekend at Faire you would say...Damn, that much?????
Yes, that much.

The Hostel was unbelievable. We made a few changes to the layout and now have a nice size hostel that is open and not cramped at all. Unfortunately by making the Hostel "living room" area larger that makes the storage room smaller. There were a few wenches where sad that they could not store their cloaks and purchases in the back room, but i think the larger "working" hostel is worth the trip back to your car to put items there.

With the addition of a Stove and Oven we are now "cooking with gas" we are able to bake fresh, all those wonderful foods everyone seems to be bringing our way.

We had so many people donate such wonderful things that if i start to name them all I am going to forget someone. To avoid this in the future, I plan to have everyone who donates something to the hostel to sign in who they are and what they brought.......then i can say a proper thank you. Whether you donate a food stuff or a package of napkins.....everything thing is greatly appreciated and allows us to do more.

Setup on Friday went as quickly as can be expected. My thanks to RHUFF, Irish Harpy, Sneaky Pete (dressed as Doug), Brandy, Kaci, Lee, Pansy, Styx and Willow and Ben for help climbing up and down the ladder, folding items for Faire Memories and keeping the energy level high.

Saturday was a great day. Saturday morning was a bit hectic with last minute setup but by 11:30 everything had found a home and ready for the next 9 days of Faire.

In living color we wenched the local radio DJ who was broadcasting live from in front of the faire..smiles..we are so bad

The Wench Walks both Saturday and Sunday were absolutely the very best we have ever had (and we have had some great ones). The Rogues and The Wenches worked together to do roguings and wenchings at the same time. It was such fun and our presence at faire was felt in a good warm way. My goes off to Pansy Fey and Sarum for their great organization.

The Pirates sold Pickles.....It is so nice to know that all the food and supplies that are not donated are now covered by Pickle Sales. My checkbook breaths a sigh of relief knowing that most of our expenses are covered by Pickle Sales. Huzzah to CTRF management for allowing us to do what we do..

On Sunday, something devistating happened....My pear was stolen and was being held for Ransom....a note was left in its place....
The Demands were: Chili with Cheese, RUM, Chocolate, RUM, Dancing Girls and one Boy, RUM ...and if I did not deliver, they were gonna make my pear into a was signed ...We are not the PIErats...

Welllll we discovered the culprets were those Bawdy Buckaneeers.(the one boy was a good hint)...and interupted their Bawdy show to pay the ransom...Fun was had by all...When i got back to the hostel, another note was discovered. It seems that these Buckaneeeeers had contacted Maaaatha Stewwwart for a Pear Pie recepie....what do ya think of that????

So unfortunately, the first weekend at CTRF is now History...three more weekends left to go...the week is going to DRAG and the weekend FLY...but the magic is in the air.

Hope to see all of you at the hostel at some point during the faire.

Lady Reddy
The Lady with the Ransomed Pear
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