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When everyone was hotter yesterday...don't believe was a bit cooler but the humidity was higher...
So all you wenches and rogues...IT WAS STILL HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First a little bit about the Faire...there are some great friends that work this faire that a lot of us had not seen in a long time....To name a few....Daniel Greenwolf, The Crew from the Hitting and Stabbing Emporium, The Bawdy Buccaneers, and The Brigands......Seeing all of you again reminds us exactly how much we miss you.... (We are now taking reservations for Witches Brew .....evil smile)

The front of the Hostel faced the Main Stage...(thanks FOL Crew for that) and we were able to do something we had never been able to do before.  Get involved, interact and actually watch some of the shows.  
We had an absolutely wonderful, great, fantastic time interacting (as only the wenches can do) with these great performers.  (Smiling sweetly at the First Mate.....mmmmm) Thank You for allowing us into this part of your life.

We had another great wench walk.  DS PanseyFey kept us all in line while the tall Fiona lead us in song.  We hit, i think, 5 targets and even made a few gents and ladies smile.  It was Carol from the Fight the Invisable Dragon's birthday (Most of you know her as the other half of the ArchAngel) and we joined the Duke and all his minions in wishing her a very very Happy Brithday.

The hostel went through a lot of ice water today, not as much as yesterday's 65 gallons but i would say close to 40 ....Thanks Styx and Lord BenDragon for all the carting, toting, lifting it took to keep those water jugs full.
The cot in the back got a workout also..(lol..behave wenches) we had strained ligements, hurting backs, a couple of heat related incidents and a foot that needed cleaning and bandaging...Everyone walked away all better...The hostel was able to kiss the booboo..

The help breaking down.....What can i say???????
KeithCSmith, Fiona, LordBenDragon, PanseyFey, Violet, Sara, Sarum, Styx and Willow and of course Lord RHUFF.
For those of you who have been to breakdown in the past you know it can be a bit stressful....This was the BEST breakdown we have ever had....Everyone pitched in, toted, emptied, moved, rolled, unstaked, took apart and in general worked hard to make this takedown go so smoothly.
Lord RHUFF....thanks for putting up with me and those other crazies that call the hostel home.

Pickles....ooooooooooooo we sold pickles and we had so much fun doing it.....To everyone who took a turn at the pickle barrel thank you for all your assistance.

Now for an event that brought tears to the eyes of Madam Whisper and Dame of Hostel Reddy.  The Festival of the Lion Organization gave us a check at the end of the day.  They wanted us to know how much they appreciate all we do and to make sure doing what we do does not come out of Our Checkbooks .......Thank YOU just does not say enough but it is all we have.  Your generosity is overwhelming and you know we have always kept this faire deep in our hearts.  

So Festival of the Lion is back, better than ever.  You ALL did a wonderful job bringing us this great event.
We know that there is a King out there in the heavens watching over us. He will always be missed but this Faire beats with his heart.  

Thank YOU 
Lady Reddy
Dame of Hostel
Madum of Vice 
Local 24, International Wenches Guild
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