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Lady Reddy

I posted this to my LJ and decided to post it here

Another season of CTRF is in the record books. #10....was a different year.

Exceedingly sad in some place and joyous in others.
YOU were many..

The Hostel was great.  Many many many thanks to everyone who volunteered there.  Whether you helped in Faire Memories, selling pickles or sturring a pot at the Hostel your assistance was greatly appreciated. 

Those that donated food made it so that there was usually food for everyone, a HUGE and HARTY Thanks to you all. 

We are still breaking down but with help from good friends, the burden is far less than last year.
(Last year I did it alone because RHUFF had ruptured his tendon i his knee and once the trailer and my car was full I had to made trips each night for a week to put stuff away)...

We all realized over these last 4 weeks that none of us can do this alone.  We need the hands and hearts of everyone. 

So from the bottom of my heart to the top of Lord RHUFF's flock of sheep Thanks for all you guys have done to make me look good as Dame of Hostel.  Without all of YOU there would not be a hostel.

And I got wenched. 
they surrounded me like any other unsuspecting target and bestowed love and kindness.  Repeating my motto, "I didn't do it"...i accepted with tears,  thank You for noticing.  (and narry a soul catcher to show the evidence)

Another year done..
I need sleep...
There were bunches of responses to this post, but i want all of you to remember one very important detail


No one person can do something like this alone.
The wench walks have become phonominal. With our unbelieveably beautiful wenches (on one walk alone we had 15 wenches)  and their lovely singing voices (ok...some of you have lovely singing voices, but i am loud) to our Mistress of Song and a right on drop dead Drill Sgt. We do it together.

The pins and hankies make our walks unique. Those gentlemen (Rogues, himbos, pirates, rat chatchers and merchants and one very proud wench) wear our pins proudly and those that do not have one wants one. It is a sign that You wonderful women have taken them by storm and they are saying...Huzzah.

So to ALL of LOCAL 24 of the IWG an overwhelming "WE DONE GOOD LADIES....Load um up"
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