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Festival of the Lion

What a Wonderful Faire.
The coordinators, cast and crew of the Festival of the Lion Renaissance Faire did a great job...
Thank You Thank You Thank You for bringing back such a fun and wonderful faire.....
First please allow me to thank those that help us setup on Friday...RHUFF, sarum and willow...damn i don't know what I would have done without your help..thank you thank you thank you

The hostel..
We were say the least.
The day started out cloudy and cool then the sun burned though and we were in for a scorcher...
We had many heat related issues and the Hostel was prepared and ready to assist. 
One bee sting...and we went through 65 gallons of water.  
We pushed..Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate....cast and crew took it seriously and we kept everyone in ice water throught out the day.
We also gave out bunches of asprin type products (you try spelling those things)...lots of headachs..
and a lot of chocolate..and one...smiling..tide on the ya...

to begin to thank everyone who assisted in the hostel would take pages and pages and i am sure i would forget someone 
To everyone who donated food, goodies and were lifesavers..The fruit was wonderful..cold and hit the spot.
Concentrated evil and double evil....smiles thanks to Diane and Laura..they were drop dead..
There was shortbread cookies, (my personal favorite), a wonderful fruit bowl, grapes, bananas, cupcakes, cookies, crackers, danish, peanuts..salty snacks....the list goes on and on...Thank you thank you thank you....

Our wish list...3 new rugs, a new cooler and that cooler came filled with ice....Thank YOU...

The wench walk...
Pansey Fey....You are the best DS this Local has ever had and both Madam Whisper and Madam of Vice Reddy thank you from the bottom of our hearts...
You have taken DS to the same level the hostel has become...Damn wench..YOU ROCK

To our water guys..Styx and Lord Ben Dragon...all those gallons of water were trucked from that far away building by you...we would all have dropped long ago without your assistance.

Lord RHUFF for being there..putting up with us and being the guy that i can always turn to...Thank YOU...

now for the Pickles..
YUPPERS we sold Pirate Pickles...
Selling pirate pickles allows the hostel to give back to the faire all that we do.
No one can affort to support the hostel as was done in the past...(there are a couple of checkbooks that can testify to that fact).  With the assistance of selling pickles, we are able to provide the ICE for that ice water, a good amount of the goodies that you partake and yes..the shade to get you out of the hot sun..
As Dame of Hostel i wish to thank the Festival of the Lion Renaissance Faire for allowing us to provide you with all you need.

i am hot, tired and know that i have to shower before i go to bed..(damn i have dirty feet)
tomorrow should be a bit cooler
but i know that i will be surrounded by all the help a Dame of Hostel could ever need.

Local 24..YOU ROCK

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