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[19 Nov 2009|04:03pm]
I have not gotten any responses from any of those lucious wenches out there....help>>>>>
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we need 5 wenches to do this...and they feed us [16 Nov 2009|07:12pm]
The lovely Lady Rissa has asked a favor
She has friends that need wenching at the rehersal dinner before thier wedding.

The gig is in Middletown, CT and the date is Friday 20 November at 6:30....6:45..whenever everyone can gather..Yes it is a garbed event and Yes...we get fed...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO anyone wanna help wench the unsuspecting groom???
please RSVP here

Lady Reddy
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Attention Wenches!!!!!! [13 Nov 2009|12:58pm]
The lovely Lady Rissa has asked a favor
She has friends that need wenching at the rehersal dinner before thier wedding.

The gig is in Middletown, CT and the date is Friday 20 November at 6:30....6:45..whenever everyone can gather..Yes it is a garbed event and Yes...we get fed...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO anyone wanna help wench the unsuspecting groom???
please RSVP here

Lady Reddy
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To ALL who will be on site at CTRF before gate [23 Sep 2009|02:50pm]

I am posting this per Lady Reddy's Request.

Susan Mead, who's in charge of the Wedding Tent, will be putting out her 100 cup coffee maker each morning of Faire.  PLEASE bring donations of coffee, creamer (2% milk does NOT count), sugar, splenda ect so that she can continue with that morning ritual.

There also will be hot water available so instant oatmeal packets are an awesome way to start the day. They are small, cheep and easy to pack. They are also a great source of energy for the day and a soul warming food for those chilly mornings.

For those who prefer tea, bring your favorite tea and favorite mug.
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Rennie Pen Pals [16 Jul 2009|03:53pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Like to write letters?
Like to get something else in the mail other than bills?
Love Ren Faires?

Then this is the group for you. Stop on by and drop me a line. :) 


crossposted where ever I could think of
Please feel free to crosspost and spread the word.
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[21 Jan 2009|07:28pm]

Birthday request
This post was written by </a></b></a>cassandra_0280, not </a></b></a>sarum.

Now that you have recovered from the shock of seeing a post from </a></b></a>sarum, I am posting this here so people who read his LJ will see it.

* * *

</a></b></a>sarum's 40th birthday would have been this coming Sunday, January 25.

Although he is not with us to celebrate, I plan to mark the day with friends and to honor his life and the many memories we have of him.

If you would on Sunday afternoon, please pour a glass of your best Scotch and light a candle in his memory.

Thank you.

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I posted this to my LJ and decided to post it here [21 Oct 2008|02:17pm]
Another season of CTRF is in the record books. #10....was a different year.

Exceedingly sad in some place and joyous in others.Collapse )
There were bunches of responses to this post, but i want all of you to remember one very important detail


No one person can do something like this alone.
The wench walks have become phonominal. With our unbelieveably beautiful wenches (on one walk alone we had 15 wenches)  and their lovely singing voices (ok...some of you have lovely singing voices, but i am loud) to our Mistress of Song and a right on drop dead Drill Sgt. We do it together.

The pins and hankies make our walks unique. Those gentlemen (Rogues, himbos, pirates, rat chatchers and merchants and one very proud wench) wear our pins proudly and those that do not have one wants one. It is a sign that You wonderful women have taken them by storm and they are saying...Huzzah.

So to ALL of LOCAL 24 of the IWG an overwhelming "WE DONE GOOD LADIES....Load um up"
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Hostel Assistance [22 Sep 2008|10:17am]
Hello All,
the Hostel will again be selling Pirate Pickles to help offset the price of offering Connecticut Renaissance Faire what we do best....Be wenches...and great hostesses and wonderful cooks..the list goes on and on...

We are looking for volunteers to assist in manning Faire Memories, Selling Pickles and keeping the hostel food stirred and mixed, the water cold and the Rogues warm...we can use your help
If you would consider volunteering a couple of hours to the hostel it would be greatly appreciated.  We cannot offer free tickets to a different day at the faire, but we can offer fun, food and laughs.

and do not forget to bring a canned good for the can food drive. Please let all  of us contribute to this worthy cause.
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FoL has an important announcement [18 May 2008|12:13pm]

  Due to economic reasons the Grafton Lions have decided not to open their gate this year, but to put our efforts into the 2009 season.

We hope that you all have a fun and safe faire season and that you will come and see us in 2009.

Thank you
Jan and Cassandra
Director and Director's Assistant
Festival of the Lion 

Sorry for the cross-posting
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Please cross post to other boards [27 Oct 2007|10:14am]
Hostel Report
I put off writing my final Hostel Report till the hostel was actually empty and everything put away.
It is close enough so now it is time. First if I forget to thank anyone please forgive me.

The hostel did some great things this year, but i will post an end of season later.

The last weekend at CTRF was bitter sweet. I knew it was the end of the season and I was not ready for it to end, and I knew it was the end of the season and i said YIPEE i am tired.

I have finally finished cleaning the hostel. Styx met me last evening to take out the last items, strap them to the top of my car and we were done. Leaving Acton, MA at 4:30 going to Hebron then back to storage made for 3 long nights but it is finally done.

I have not been able to sleep past 4am for the last 6 weeks because of all the things that had to be done to help make the hostel all that it was (and go to work everyday) ...but today.....YAHOO 6am...Damn i am lazy

First Thank You's, in no particular order
RHUFF, Styx, Willow, Pansy, Ben, Brandy, Diane, Doug, Kaci, Lady Rissa, John, Jayde, Sara, Sarum, Violet Wench, KeithCSmith, Frost Fairie, Jodi, Lady Jahanne, Louisa, & Gary, Lady Salsa, Susan and Lenora, bluebeard and Lucious, Cassandra, CT Faire Management

The Hostel was also first aide at CTRF and that made for a very busy place. Brandy and Jim treated lots of bee stings (including one on my lip), heat related injuries, a very cut hand and other minor cuts and bruses. Lots of Asprin like products, femine products, bandaids, cold packs (almost a case) were used by those that needed them.

The food that was donated was unbelievable. The cooking talents of Jodi, Diane (oh that irish stew) Jahanne, Jayde, Pansy, and me made for a wonderful variety of different foods. Cassandra and her Angel Brownies..mmmm. The addition of the stove made for a great array of foods that otherwise would not have been available.

We went through an average of 8 bags of ice a weekend for ice water.

All in all, what a great run.

Again thanks to EVERYONE that assisted and if i forgot someone, please forgive me.
Remember I am just the keeper of the Hostel it is all of you that make it what it is.

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[16 Oct 2007|08:10am]
Hostel Report...Week three..
Where has the time gone. We are swiftly approaching the LAST weekend of CTFAIRE.....How could this have happened..how could we have misplaced the last three weekends as only a memory ....damn i am not ready for the end.

I attended a wonderful wedding on Friday night (more about that later) and did not do any Friday night prep work. Whisper and Styx put up the two new shelves we purchased to help organize our staples. I knew where to find everything this week and that was soooo nice.

Saturday, I try to be at the hostel no later than 8AM. Big Y (where we get our ice) opens at 7 and I am there when the doors open to get the required 8-10 bags of ice needed per day. Pick up last minute fresh items and i am off to the Hebron Lions Faire Grounds.
RHUFF has "I believe diagnosis is finally Ruptured the Tendon"
in his right knee. He was home for the weekend and in a great deal of pain.
He was missed at both the hostel and the faire grounds that day.
I was a bit off center without his presence but seemed to pull myself together and get everything done that needed to be done. Getting stung on the lip by a yellowjacket did not help on Saturday. I am just glad i do not have any allergies to bees.

We had absolutely wonderful food this weekend. My thanks for everyone who brought these goodies...That Irish Stew..OH MY GOODNESS and the cream of broccli was so wonderful we did a repeat on Sunday, pear pie...mmmm...and those nuttela rice crispies squares..fudge and pasta..good eats

Without my faithful helpers, none of this can be done....
Saturday night was dinner with faire friends and then home ....

Sunday dawned flippin cold...crisp....mostly sunny but still flippin cold.
I was at the hostel before 8 and started with chopping potatoes, onions and various other items for roasted potatoes (which the broccli cheddar soup was wonderful poured over)(we made three hotel pans of roasted potatoes and they all went...Damn they were good.
At 3:00 Brandy and i left for some well earned time together. More about our cruse later...
I have to thank EVERYONE who donated or assisted in any way at the hostel. It is a job that i cannot do alone and your assistance is what keeps us going.

Our last weekend is Halloween or Trick or Treat weekend.
I know we have one big bag of penny candy, but all the booths are giving out trick or treat this weekend to all the little tricksters. If anyone would like to donate a bag of penny candy, nothing big, just things like lollypops or tootsie rolls, etc, that would be appreciated.
Otherwise, we have enough cookies to last till the end of the run. Are short on cheese and pepperoni kind of finger food. Carrots, celery, grapes and a bag of apples are always welcome.

Again...i am only the keeper of the hearth, this hostel is run on wonderful volunteers who spend their time at faire working so everyone is safe and happy.
Thanks again to all
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[11 Oct 2007|01:32pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Better late than never



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[10 Oct 2007|08:18am]

OH MY - i am determined to post this today
Where to start..

Saturday: It was so hot on Saturday, i think everyone figured Melting was our best bet..smiles.
The hostel was busy this weekend. I think we have been "discovered". There were times when there were 25 people in the hostel, nibbling, relaxing, drinking cold water and in general having a fun relaxing time.
It was so hot on Saturday that after consulting with other wenches, we decided to wench a New Groom and call it quits. Luckly we were able to find Paul hiding in the Faire Memories Booth and catch him unawares. The hostel went through almost 80 gallons of water...and we were glad to help keep the cast hydrated.

I have to send a huge thank YOU to Judi at Silvermane, she made her unbelieveable ham and potato dish...not one pan but two...thanks so very much. Irish_Harpy made our mouths water with shepards pie, chili and more of her evil cookies..(chocolate with carmal centers). Jayde made pizzels....oh oh oh thank YOU YOU...i love pizzels.. Lucious (leighannp) gave us stuffed shells, and Jodi from H&S made a chinese thing that everyone said was YUMMMMMY.
We added to that roast pork, turkey, rosemary potatoes (that everyone covered with cheese soup) and honey carrots. Chicken noodle soup, meatballs, broccli, ham and corn chowder, and of course cake.....what more can you ask for? We had chocolate of all kinds, and pink M&M's...

We are so lucky to have a stove at the Hostel this year and can bake items so they are fresh and tasty
Because of the heat, we turned one of the roasters into a cold "roaster"..with cheese, pepperonni, yogurt, celery and other cold goodies.
Lady Salsa brought us gwaaaak on Monday..mmmmmm, she knows that is a favorite of mine. If I forgot anyone who donated goodies please forgive me..the heat..smiles..that is kinda why i hate to start naming names but I have to tell everyone what great wenches and crew members we have.

I, personally, have not lead a wench walk in almost 2 years...Damn Pansey we missed you. I did ok...almost remembered how to count to 5 (No Fionna or Pansy on Monday).

It was WONDERFUL to see cassandra_0280. You have been missed. cassandra_0280 started the concept of a Wenches Hostel....and i think there are a lot of people that owe her a thanks...

Lady Willow and Styx, master carpenter on the Grave Dancer has spent countless hours selling pickles as has Lady Rissa...Lord Bendragon helping with water and pickles and errands...where would we be without your assistance

I would be remiss if i did not thank Brandy and Kaci for all their help at Faire Memories. they have freed up a lot of time for the rest of us. She leaves for California after this weekend and she will be missed.

The main timeframe we become short handed is during wench walks which take place from 1:30 to about 2:30. For the last two weekends of faire, the hostel may be closed during those times, if we don't have anyone available to work. Faire Memories and pickle sales are first and second, the hostel third in manpower requirements.

Again, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the hostel, whether it is donating a baked good or hot food, purchased a pickle or donated to the bodice all is greatly appreciated. We could not do what we do without your help.

See you on Saturday

Reddy the lady with the REAL pear
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[01 Oct 2007|10:45pm]

Thanks to my <i>awesome</i> employee discount, The Hostel now owns 12 rolls of cohesive bandaging, suitable for wrapping strained/rolled joints (of the bony kind, not the... illegal kind), splinting busted tootsies & fingers, perhaps even making a sling in an emergency! They're green. i'll bring them with me to faire this weekend.
Sound good?
(Yay! for a cheap & easy replacement for Ace Bandages (r))
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CTRF Opening Weekend photos [01 Oct 2007|04:18pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Photobucket only lets me upload 100 photos to an album. I took 105 of Opening Weekend of CTRF. I will post the remaining five in a second album later.


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Please feel free to cross post [01 Oct 2007|01:45pm]
Connecticut Renaissance Faire first weekend
And ooooooooo what a weekend it was.

If I told you everything that went on this weekend at Faire you would say...Damn, that much?????
Yes, that much.

The Hostel was unbelievable. We made a few changes to the layout and now have a nice size hostel that is open and not cramped at all. Unfortunately by making the Hostel "living room" area larger that makes the storage room smaller. There were a few wenches where sad that they could not store their cloaks and purchases in the back room, but i think the larger "working" hostel is worth the trip back to your car to put items there.

With the addition of a Stove and Oven we are now "cooking with gas" literally...so we are able to bake fresh, all those wonderful foods everyone seems to be bringing our way.

We had so many people donate such wonderful things that if i start to name them all I am going to forget someone. To avoid this in the future, I plan to have everyone who donates something to the hostel to sign in who they are and what they brought.......then i can say a proper thank you. Whether you donate a food stuff or a package of napkins.....everything thing is greatly appreciated and allows us to do more.

Setup on Friday went as quickly as can be expected. My thanks to RHUFF, Irish Harpy, Sneaky Pete (dressed as Doug), Brandy, Kaci, Lee, Pansy, Styx and Willow and Ben for help climbing up and down the ladder, folding items for Faire Memories and keeping the energy level high.

Saturday was a great day. Saturday morning was a bit hectic with last minute setup but by 11:30 everything had found a home and ready for the next 9 days of Faire.

In living color we wenched the local radio DJ who was broadcasting live from in front of the faire..smiles..we are so bad

The Wench Walks both Saturday and Sunday were absolutely the very best we have ever had (and we have had some great ones). The Rogues and The Wenches worked together to do roguings and wenchings at the same time. It was such fun and our presence at faire was felt in a good warm way. My goes off to Pansy Fey and Sarum for their great organization.

The Pirates sold Pickles.....It is so nice to know that all the food and supplies that are not donated are now covered by Pickle Sales. My checkbook breaths a sigh of relief knowing that most of our expenses are covered by Pickle Sales. Huzzah to CTRF management for allowing us to do what we do..

On Sunday, something devistating happened....My pear was stolen and was being held for Ransom....a note was left in its place....
The Demands were: Chili with Cheese, RUM, Chocolate, RUM, Dancing Girls and one Boy, RUM ...and if I did not deliver, they were gonna make my pear into a Pie....it was signed ...We are not the PIErats...

Welllll we discovered the culprets were those Bawdy Buckaneeers.(the one boy was a good hint)...and interupted their Bawdy show to pay the ransom...Fun was had by all...When i got back to the hostel, another note was discovered. It seems that these Buckaneeeeers had contacted Maaaatha Stewwwart for a Pear Pie recepie....what do ya think of that????

So unfortunately, the first weekend at CTRF is now History...three more weekends left to go...the week is going to DRAG and the weekend FLY...but the magic is in the air.

Hope to see all of you at the hostel at some point during the faire.

Lady Reddy
The Lady with the Ransomed Pear
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PLEASE READ!!! [25 Sep 2007|08:35am]

This post appeared on the Dragonship Haven (SCA) board:

Sometime last night or early this morning my car was stolen in
Hartford C.T. In the trunk was all of armor and weapons. I'm hoping
that the people who stole the car will try and sell the equipment,
please pass this messsage on to other list and keep your eyes open for
the following:

A stainless steel spanglhelm with brass above the eyes made by white
mountain armory.
A stainless steel heart shaped basket hilt from ironmonger.
A brown take apart 9 foot spear from mandrake/ windrose armory
A pair of guantlets from alchemy armory
A pair of stainless guantlets made by Chet with a little bit of brass
around the cuff
A pair of three piece articulated aluminium elbows from Bokalo's
armory attached to a pair of black hardened leather vambraces.
A purple coat of plates with brass rivets forming little stars,
attached to this are a pair of black hardened leather pauldrons.
A kite sheild standerd northern army/Lothar design

If anyone sees any of the above pieces please notify me so I can
notify the police.

Thank you,

Andris Lowenstein
aka Ernest Preciado
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please cross post to other boards [26 Aug 2007|10:08pm]
[ mood | loved ]

When everyone says..it was hotter yesterday...don't believe them...it was a bit cooler but the humidity was higher...
So all you wenches and rogues...IT WAS STILL HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First a little bit about the Faire...there are some great friends that work this faire that a lot of us had not seen in a long time....To name a few....Daniel Greenwolf, The Crew from the Hitting and Stabbing Emporium, The Bawdy Buccaneers, and The Brigands......Seeing all of you again reminds us exactly how much we miss you.... (We are now taking reservations for Witches Brew .....evil smile)

The front of the Hostel faced the Main Stage...(thanks FOL Crew for that) and we were able to do something we had never been able to do before.  Get involved, interact and actually watch some of the shows.  
We had an absolutely wonderful, great, fantastic time interacting (as only the wenches can do) with these great performers.  (Smiling sweetly at the First Mate.....mmmmm) Thank You for allowing us into this part of your life.

We had another great wench walk.  DS PanseyFey kept us all in line while the tall Fiona lead us in song.  We hit, i think, 5 targets and even made a few gents and ladies smile.  It was Carol from the Fight the Invisable Dragon's birthday (Most of you know her as the other half of the ArchAngel) and we joined the Duke and all his minions in wishing her a very very Happy Brithday.

The hostel went through a lot of ice water today, not as much as yesterday's 65 gallons but i would say close to 40 ....Thanks Styx and Lord BenDragon for all the carting, toting, lifting it took to keep those water jugs full.
The cot in the back got a workout also..(lol..behave wenches) we had strained ligements, hurting backs, a couple of heat related incidents and a foot that needed cleaning and bandaging...Everyone walked away all better...The hostel was able to kiss the booboo..

The help breaking down.....What can i say???????
KeithCSmith, Fiona, LordBenDragon, PanseyFey, Violet, Sara, Sarum, Styx and Willow and of course Lord RHUFF.
For those of you who have been to breakdown in the past you know it can be a bit stressful....This was the BEST breakdown we have ever had....Everyone pitched in, toted, emptied, moved, rolled, unstaked, took apart and in general worked hard to make this takedown go so smoothly.
Lord RHUFF....thanks for putting up with me and those other crazies that call the hostel home.

Pickles....ooooooooooooo we sold pickles and we had so much fun doing it.....To everyone who took a turn at the pickle barrel thank you for all your assistance.

Now for an event that brought tears to the eyes of Madam Whisper and Dame of Hostel Reddy.  The Festival of the Lion Organization gave us a check at the end of the day.  They wanted us to know how much they appreciate all we do and to make sure doing what we do does not come out of Our Checkbooks .......Thank YOU just does not say enough but it is all we have.  Your generosity is overwhelming and you know we have always kept this faire deep in our hearts.  

So Festival of the Lion is back, better than ever.  You ALL did a wonderful job bringing us this great event.
We know that there is a King out there in the heavens watching over us. He will always be missed but this Faire beats with his heart.  

Thank YOU 
Lady Reddy
Dame of Hostel
Madum of Vice 
Local 24, International Wenches Guild

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Sorry for the cross post [25 Aug 2007|09:25pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Festival of the Lion

What a Wonderful Faire.
The coordinators, cast and crew of the Festival of the Lion Renaissance Faire did a great job...
Thank You Thank You Thank You for bringing back such a fun and wonderful faire.....
First please allow me to thank those that help us setup on Friday...RHUFF, sarum and willow...damn i don't know what I would have done without your help..thank you thank you thank you

The hostel..
We were busy..to say the least.
The day started out cloudy and cool then the sun burned though and we were in for a scorcher...
We had many heat related issues and the Hostel was prepared and ready to assist. 
One bee sting...and we went through 65 gallons of water.  
We pushed..Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate....cast and crew took it seriously and we kept everyone in ice water throught out the day.
We also gave out bunches of asprin type products (you try spelling those things)...lots of headachs..
and a lot of chocolate..and one...smiling..tide on the go....got ya...

to begin to thank everyone who assisted in the hostel would take pages and pages and i am sure i would forget someone 
To everyone who donated food, goodies and snacks...you were lifesavers..The fruit was wonderful..cold and hit the spot.
Concentrated evil and double evil....smiles thanks to Diane and Laura..they were drop dead..
There was shortbread cookies, (my personal favorite), a wonderful fruit bowl, grapes, bananas, cupcakes, cookies, crackers, danish, peanuts..salty snacks....the list goes on and on...Thank you thank you thank you....

Our wish list...3 new rugs, a new cooler and that cooler came filled with ice....Thank YOU...

The wench walk...
Pansey Fey....You are the best DS this Local has ever had and both Madam Whisper and Madam of Vice Reddy thank you from the bottom of our hearts...
You have taken DS to the same level the hostel has become...Damn wench..YOU ROCK

To our water guys..Styx and Lord Ben Dragon...all those gallons of water were trucked from that far away building by you...we would all have dropped long ago without your assistance.

Lord RHUFF for being there..putting up with us and being the guy that i can always turn to...Thank YOU...

now for the Pickles..
YUPPERS we sold Pirate Pickles...
Selling pirate pickles allows the hostel to give back to the faire all that we do.
No one can affort to support the hostel as was done in the past...(there are a couple of checkbooks that can testify to that fact).  With the assistance of selling pickles, we are able to provide the ICE for that ice water, a good amount of the goodies that you partake and yes..the shade to get you out of the hot sun..
As Dame of Hostel i wish to thank the Festival of the Lion Renaissance Faire for allowing us to provide you with all you need.

i am hot, tired and know that i have to shower before i go to bed..(damn i have dirty feet)
tomorrow should be a bit cooler
but i know that i will be surrounded by all the help a Dame of Hostel could ever need.

Local 24..YOU ROCK

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Festival of the Lion [23 Aug 2007|09:56am]
Hello Wenches,,,,
Just a reminder, The Hostel will be setup at Festival of the Lion Renaissance Faire.  We are all looking forward to the new setup and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into revamping this wonderful faire.

The wench walk will take place at 1:30 pm both Saturday and Sunday.  Please plan to meet at the hostel about 15 minutes before.  If you are working a booth, please let us know so we can stop by for a verse.  

We are also selling Pyrate Pickles....if you have an hour to volunteer it would be greatly appreciated.  

See you there...the weather man has promised us hot weather....ice cold pickle weather
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